chimpanzee : Yuminosuke

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:0263    (2020-05-28Updated)
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Name Yuminosuke
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1974?
Place of birth Wild (Sierra Leone (Africa))
Current facility Kushiro City Zoo
The individual's face is large, round, and craggy. His leg was bitten by Jane in the past, and he lost the left little toe. His legs are bent and his walking style is unique.
This individual has a selfish character so he does whatever he likes, and he does not do whatever he dislikes. He is cautious to humans.
Life history
1974? Yumikosuke was born in Sierra Leone .
1979.05.14 Yuminosuke came to Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo.
1986.06.11 Yuminosuke moved to Kamine Zoo with Yayoi  {0264}  and Go-hichi  {0265} .
1988.05.14 Hime  {0318}  was born of Yayoi  {0264}  and Yumikosuke.
1991.05.13 Yuminosuke moved to Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve.
1992.11.01  {0486}  was born of Noriko  {0183}  and Yumikosuke.
1995.05.03 Jemini  {0532}  was born of Jane  {0029}  and Yumikosuke.
1995.12.30 Kobuhei  {0550}  was born of Noriko  {0183}  and Yumikosuke.
2002.03.21 Yuminosuke moved to new house.
2002.10.18 Since Yumenosuke started chasing full-grown Kobuhei  {0550}  , so Kobuhei was moved to Nogeyama Zoo.
2010.03.25 Youtaro  {0723}  was born. Whose mother was Coco  {0248} .
2014.03.17 Yuminosuke moved to Kushiro City Zoo.
2015.08.13 Yuzuru  {0751}  was born. Whose mother was Lily  {0405} .
2020.02.08 Not yet named {0780}  was born. Her mother is Lily  {0405} .

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