orangutan : Riang

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0126    (2019-03-09Updated)
International studbook number: 2525

Name Riang
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. pygmaeus (B)
Date of birth 1992.05.24
Place of birth Asia (other than china & south Korea) (Taipei Zoo (Taiwan))
Current facility Asahiyama Zoo
The individual's former name was Kohshin (while living in the Taipei Zoo, but she was renamed Riang when she came to the Asahiyama Zoo.
Life history
1992.05.24 Kohshin -> Riang was born at Taipei Zoo (Taiwan).
1998.11.15 Kohshin -> Riang moved to Asahiyama Zoo. She renames to Riang. She lives with Sentarou  {0112} .
2000.08.09 After Sentarou  {0112}  has gone, Kohshin lived alone.
2003.03.24 Kohshin -> Riang gave birth to Momo  {0136}  whose father was Jack  {0069} .
2007.07.30 Kohshin -> Riang gave birth to Morito  {0144}  whose father was Jack  {0069} .
2015.02.05 Riang gave birth to Unknown  {0156}  whose father was Jack  {0069} .
2019.03.06 Riang died from acute subarachnoid hemorrhage.
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