chimpanzee : Hatsuko

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:0018    (2011-01-31Updated)
International studbook number: -
Name Hatsuko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies ( P. t. verus )
Date of birth 1964.12.16
Place of birth Kyoto City Zoo
Current facility Kyoto City Zoo
Father Morry
Mother Haru
As the individual was the first chimpanzee born in Kyoto City Zoo, she was named Hatsuko (first child in Japanese). As her breeding was refused by her mother about one month after her birth, She has been artificially bred since then. She sometimes throws her feces and pours water while erecting her hair. She has a swelling on her face.
The individual used to easily lose her temper when she was young.
Life history
1964.12.16 Hatsuko was born at Kyoto City Zoo.
1969.11.16 Taroh  {0040}  was moved to the zoo as a Hatsuko's mating partner. But Hatsuko refused copulating, so Hatsuko was not pregnant. (Kojima Ikkei (1983)).
1996.02.22 Taroh  {0040}  died.
2007.05.07 Hatsuko died from heart failure.
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