bonobo : Lolita

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0007    (2014-06-30Updated)
International studbook number: 148

Name Lolita
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies
Date of birth 1989.04.20
Place of birth America (San Diego zoo)
Current facility Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
Father Vernon
Mother Louise   (human rearing)
North America Regional Studbook Number: 148
Father: Vernon (North America 58, born in wild), Mother: Louise (51, born in San Diego zoo)
Life history
1989.04.20 born in San Diego zoo
1990.05.19 moved to San Diego Wild Animal Park
1993.03.16 moved to San Diego zoo
1997.06.25 gave birth to male stillborn baby (North America 222) Father: Congo I
1998.06.10 gave birth to Zuri (North America 247) Father: Congo I
2000.12.20 gave birth to Mchumba (North America 271) Father: Maiko
2006.12.29 gave birth to female stillborn baby (North America T1) Father: Yenge
2007.10.29 gave birth to Tutapenda (North America 380) Father: Yenge
2013.10.24 came to Japan and 1 month quarantine period
2013.11.27 moved to Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
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