chimpanzee : Matsuko

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:0097    (2016-09-28Updated)
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Name Matsuko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1978?
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Kamine Zoo
The individual's former name is Mimi. When she was in Izu Mito Sea Paradise, she rode on a dolphin, and made a round of the attraction pool.
She sometimes acts a bit strange.
Life history
1978? Matsuko was born in Africa.
1979.10 imported from Africa by an animal dealer in Tokyo (1.5 year-old)
1980.03.21 Matsuko moved to Izu Mito Sea Paradise.
1992.03.19 Matsuko moved to Japan Monkey Centre.
2002.02.04 Matsuko moved to Nasu World Monkey Park.
2008.06.29 Matsuko moved to Kamine Zoo.
2012.04.27 Matsuko gave birth to Ryouma  {0733}  whose father was Go-hichi  {0265} .
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