gibbon : Jill

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:0162    (2012-12-21Updated)
International studbook number: -
Name Jill
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies Hylobates lar
Date of birth 1996.08.11
Place of birth Fukuoka City Zoological Garden
Current facility Europe (ALMA-ATA - Almaty Zoo, Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Father Tam
Mother Ai
The individual was a gift from the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden to the Almaty Zoo in Kazakhstan on March 13, 2001. In 2002, she was raised in Kazakhstan as a pair with a male from Rotterdam.
Life history
Research results using samples from this individual
Data compiled by David S. Gill and Caroline S. Jellicoe South Lakes Wild Animal Park, UK(2002) European studbook for White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar). Formatted and edited by Thomas Geissmann.

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