gibbon : Nana

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:0045    (2020-04-29Updated)
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Name Nana
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies Symphalangus syndactylus
Date of birth 1999.05.02
Place of birth Hirakawa Zoological Park
Current facility Osaka-city Tennoji Zoo
Father Seven
Mother Monroe
[Japanese studbook number: Symphalangus syndactylus #37]
The individual is one of the children of Monroe and Seven.
Life history
1999.05.02 born
2006.03.29 moved to Tennoji zoo
2010.09.19 gave a birth to Icchi {0047} 
2012.08.08 Nana gave birth to Nicchi {0301}  whose father was Lemon  {0046} .
2014.09.22 Nana gave birth to Sankichi {0325}  whose father was Lemon  {0046} .
2016.12.27 Nana gave birth to Yotchan  {0352}  whose father was Lemon  {0046} .
2019.05.11 Nana gave birth to Gotchan  {0363}  whose father was Lemon  {0046} .
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