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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers are as follows.

Technical Questions

Are all the lethal mutants balanced? Are all the mutants backcrossed?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to do so for all the isolated mutants. However, in case the mutants have been balanced, they are indicated so upon shipping.

Questions related to MTA

We have lost the mutant once we received. We wish to receive the same strain again. Should we prepare another MTA form?
No, you don't need to do so. Please send e-mail to the core facility to tell your trouble.
Can graduate students alone sign and send an MTA to the core facility?
No. Always Principal Investigator should sign the form.
Could strains be sent to other laboratories after published in academic journals?
Yes. Strains received from our project and their derivatives can be sent to CGC or directly to other laboratories after permission by the core facility (Mitani Lab). Usually, we give permission to ONLY the people who have described our mutants in detail in academic journals. This is because many scientific journals ask authors to distribute materials to other researchers.

Questions related to Shipping

We need to use the mutant as soon as possible. Can we receive mutants via FedEx if we inform our account number?
No. Unfortunately, FedEx Japan never receive live animals to ship abroad. At the moment, we use post office.
We have not received mutants although we sent out an MTA form a month ago. What's the problem?
If you request a mutant with phenotype 'lethal or sterile', it may take longer because we re-examine genotype just before shipping. Also, it should be noted that sometimes, people do not send feedback information to the core facility. When such mutants exceed 10, the core facility will send the laboratory an alert. Even so, some people do not send back feedback. Because the core facility have many mutants in the waiting list, we think we need to leave such laboratories of lower priority for shipping. Also, please confirm that you sent the MTA to the right address.