Mutants (Isolated)


Allele Nametm275
Sequence NameC17C3.10
CGC Namehlh-27
Worm BaseAllele Name tm275
CGC Name hlh-27
Sequence C17C3.10
Phenotypelethal or sterile. Dr. R. Lin: normal cell division during 8-30 cell stage. Dr. P. Sengupta normal dye-filling into sensory neurons (heterozygote). Dr. J. Priess: Dev. Cell 8, 867-879 (2005). Dr. M. Maduro: normal early development (8-30 cell stage).
Mutation site10622/10623-ATAA-11144/11145 (522 bp deletion + 4 bp insertion)
Putative gene structurecomplement(join(9191..9608, 9656..9886, 9943..10100, 11404..11448, 11545..11610, 11660..11707))
Map position-1.28
BalancerNot Yet Balanced
Map position of balancer
Distributed lab
DepositorDr. S. Mitani
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Neves A, Priess JR.
The REF-1 family of bHLH transcription factors pattern C. elegans embryos through Notch-dependent and Notch-independent pathways.
Dev. Cell 2005 8(6) 867-79 
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