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Results and discussion

Results on hybrid necrosis on different cross combinations are summerised in
Table 1. All the plants in a cross between D 525-2 and Spica were necrotic whereas in D 525-2 x Kalyan Sona cross were non-necrotic. This derivative when tested against 14 different Australian wheat leaf rust cultures, was found to carry Lr13 along with Lr23 (Saini 1987). The dominant complementary necrotic gene Ne2 is linked with Lr13 with a linkage distance 33.17 plus or minus 4.12 mu (McIntosh 1983; Anand et al. 1991). The cross between Spica and D 525-2 showed necrosis due to the presence of Ne1 in Spica and Lr13- Ne2 in D 525-2. The crosses of D 3237-5 and D 3542-6 with Spica were non-necrotic but with Kalyan Sona were necrotic. These observations indicate that hexaploid derivative D 525-2 carries dominant necrotic gene Ne2 whereas D 3237-5 and D 3542-6 carry Ne1.

All the three derivatives confer seedling and adult plant resistance against different leaf rust races of wheat prevalent in India (Cupta et al.1991,1992), therefore, their characterization for necrotic genes Ne1 and Ne2 would help breeders to use them effectively in their wheat breeding programmes.


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