How to order

If you would like to request for a strain, please contact the followind address.
Moreover, if you are looking for a particular strain, please refer to available resources.

[ Address ]
The National BioResource Project ( Chrysanthemum ) Office Laboratory of Plant Chromosome and Gene Stock, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University,
1-4-3, kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City, 739-8526

Table of charges

Fee for academic use
Form Unit Fee per request Fee per strain
Seeds Strain 500 JPY 200 JPY
Cuttings Strain 500 JPY 600 JPY
Update: September 26, 2018
Total Fee = Fee per request + Fee per strain * Number of strains + Phytosanitary cost + Shipping cost
In addition, users have to pay the bank transfer fee at the time of payment.
Phytosanitary cost (if necessary in your country): 1,000 JPY (seeds) or 5,000 JPY (cuttings) per request.
This fee table is only effective for academic use in non-profit organizations.
Please contact us about fee for non-academic users.