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Life / Eukarya / Plantae / Rhodophyta / Compsopogonophyceae

Compsopogonales (Compsopogon etc.)
Rhodochaetales (Rhodochaete)
Erythropeltidales (Erythrocladia etc.)

The Compsopogonophyceae includes microscopic filamentous algae (e.g. Erythrocladia) to macroscopic multicellular species (e.g. Compsopogon). They live in coastal sea water or freshwater.

Cell possesses a single stellate chloroplast or many chloroplasts. The color of chloroplasts is variable, blue green to red. There is a wide thylakoid-less space in the chloroplast except the Erythropeltidales. Peripheral thylakoid is present. Golgi body is associated with ER. Some species possess simple pit connection composed of plag core only (Rhodochaetales and Compsopogonaceae). Asexual reproduction by monospores generated by the oblique division of vegerarive cells. Sexual reproduction and alternation of generations are reported in the Erythropeltidales.