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Life / Eukarya / Plantae / Rhodophyta / Compsopogonophyceae / Compsopogonales

Compsopogon (NIES-1461, 1462, 1734)
Compsopogonopsis (NIES-1463)
1. Boldiaceae
2. Compsopogonaceae
  • West, J.A., Zuccarello, G.C., Scott, J.L., West, K.A. & De Goer, S.L. (2007) Pulvinus veneticus gen. et sp. nov. (Compsopogonales, Rhodophyta) from Vanuatu. Phycologia 46: 237-246.

Filamentous thalli are macroscopic or microscopic. The thalli of the Compsopogonaceae are differenciated into axial and cortical cells. Simple pit connection is present only in the Compsopogonaceae. Cell possesses a single or many chloroplasts that are red to blue-green in color. Pyrenoid is absent. Low molecular weight carbohydrates are florideside. Compsopogonalean algae are reproduced by monospores but sexual reproduction is unknown. They inhabit in freshwater to brackish water.