Hitoshi Okamoto

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Allele Strain Name Genotype Strain Type Gene Publications Request
rw0 Tg(CM-isl1:GFP) Tg(isl1:GFP)rw0 Transgenics To Order
rw0110b Tg (brn3a-hsp70:GFP ) Tg(pou4f1-hsp70l:GFP)rw0110b Transgenics To Order
rw0114 Tg (hsp70:LIMisl1) Tg(hsp70l:isl1)rw0114 Transgenics To Order
rw0115 Tg (hsp70:LIMisl2) Tg(hsp70l:isl2a)rw0115 Transgenics To Order
rw011a Tg (zCREST2-hsp70:GFP) Tg(isl1-hsp70l:GFP)rw011a Transgenics  
rw011b Tg (zCREST2-hsp70:GFP) Tg(isl1-hsp70l:GFP)rw011b Transgenics To Order
rw011c Tg (zCREST2-hsp70:GFP) Tg(isl1-hsp70l:GFP)rw011c Transgenics  
rw0128 Tg(hsp70-zgcmb:GFP) Tg(hsp70l:gcm2-eGFP)rw0128 Transgenics To Order
rw013 Tg (zCREST1-hsp70:GFP) Tg(isl1-hsp70l:GFP)2rw013 Transgenics To Order
rw0130a Tg (Huc:Kaede) Tg(elavl3:Kaede)rw0130a Transgenics To Order
rw014 Tg (hCREST1-isl1:GFP) Tg(isl1:GFP)3rw014 Transgenics To Order
rw0143a Tg(narp:GAL4VP16) Transgenics To Order
rw0144 Tg(UAS:nfsB-mCherry) Transgenics To Order
rw0148a Tg(dao:GAL4VP16) Transgenics To Order
rw0149a Tg(dao:Cre-mCherry) Transgenics To Order
rw0150a Tg(ppp1r14ab:GAL4VP16) Transgenics To Order
rw0151a Tg(gpr151:GALVP16) Transgenics To Order
rw0152a Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP-Cre) Transgenics To Order
rw0153a Tg(UAS:loxP-DsRed- loxP-GFP-TeNT) Transgenics To Order
rw015a Tg (hsp70:slit2-GFP) Tg(hsp70l:slit2-GFP)rw015a Transgenics  
rw015b Tg (hsp70:slit2-GFP) Tg(hsp70l:slit2-GFP)rw015b Transgenics  
rw015d Tg (hsp70:slit2-GFP) Tg(hsp70l:slit2-GFP)rw015d Transgenics To Order
rw015e Tg (hsp70:slit2-GFP) Tg(hsp70l:slit2-GFP)rw015e Transgenics  
rw016a Tg (SS-hsp70:dnPlexinA4-GFP) Tg(SS-hsp70l:dnPlexinA4-GFP)rw016a Transgenics To Order
rw016b Tg (SS-hsp70:dnPlexinA4-GFP) Tg(SS-hsp70l:dnPlexinA4-GFP)rw016b Transgenics  
rw017 Tg (lefty1:EGFP) Tg(-13.5lefty1:GFP)rw017 Transgenics To Order
rw135 off-road celsr2rw135/rw135 Mutant celsr2 To Order
rw16 landlocked scribrw16/rw16 Mutant scribble1 To Order
rw166 off-road celsr2rw166/rw166 Mutant celsr2 To Order
rw218 rio grande (rgd) rgdrw218/rw218 Mutant bgt-1/gat2 To Order
rw260 vermicelli (vmc) plxna3rw260/rw260 Mutant plxna3 To Order
rw306 mosaic eyes mosaic eyes (epb41l5) Mutant mosaic eyes (epb41l5) To Order
rw309 keep off (kof) kofrw309/rw309 Mutant To Order
rw314 vermicelli (vmc) plxna3rw314/rw314 Mutant plxna3 To Order
rw357 loose end (loe) loerw357/rw357 Mutant klf6 To Order
rw380 off-road celsr2rw380/rw380 Mutant celsr2 To Order
rw395 rio grande (rgd) rgdrw395/rw395 Mutant bgt-1/gat2 To Order
rw413 vermicelli (vmc) plxna3rw413/rw413 Mutant plxna3 To Order
rw453 trespassing (tps) tpsrw453/rw453 Mutant fam40a To Order
rw468 landlocked scribrw468/rw468 Mutant scribble1 To Order
rw520 rio grande (rgd) rgdrw520/rw520 Mutant bgt-1/gat2 To Order
rw617 monorail (emmentaler)(emm) Mutant foxa2 To Order
rw646 blue nile (bln) blnrw646/rw646 Mutant thoc2 To Order
rw656 mekong (mkn) mknrw656/rw656 Mutant To Order
rw685 towhead Mutant GDP-D-mannose 4,6-dehydratase (gmds) To Order
rw689 off-limit fzd3rw689/rw689 Mutant fz3a To Order
rw71 off-road celsr2rw71/rw71 Mutant celsr2 To Order
rw715 aboutface abfrw715 Mutant To Order
rw75 trilobite vangl2rw75 Mutant vangl2 (also known as stbm) To Order
rw87 you scube2rw87/rw87 Mutant To Order
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