Strain Name: plxnb2a / Allele: SO3

Allele SO3
Strain Name plxnb2a
Type Mutant
Affected Gene rras
Origin and Depositor Musashino University (Shinya Ohata)
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In the exon3 of plxnb2b, four bases (TGCC) are ablated, resulting in a premature termination codon before the transmembrane domain. For genotyping PCR, use the following primers: plxnb2b F, 5'- CCA CTG ACA CGC CAA TCA AT -3'; plxnb2b SO4 WT R, 5'- GTC TTT CAG ATC CTG GCA GGT -3'; plxnb2b SO3 mutant R, 5'- GGT GTC TTT CAG ATC CTG GTA GAC -3'.  
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Facility RIKEN (Wako) CBS, Lab for Neural Circuit Dynamics of Decision Making