Strain Name: Tg(fli1:gal4dbd-htead2ΔN-2A-mCherry) ; Tg(UAS:EGFP)

Strain Name Tg(fli1:gal4dbd-htead2ΔN-2A-mCherry) ; Tg(UAS:EGFP)
Type Transgenics
Affected Gene
Origin and Depositor University of Tokyo (Yuki Okada)
Link to ZFIN
This transgenic zebrafish is established for monitoring Yap-Tead activity in endothelial cells. The EGFP mainly expresses in caudal vein plexus (CVP). The EGFP is observed approximately from 28 hpf and it increases during CVP formation.
The RECIPIENT shall acquire a prior written consent from Prof. Koichi
Kawakami of National Institute of Genetics (Contact: Intellectual
Property Unit, chizai[at] for Tg(UAS:EGFP).
This strain was developed by Kenta Terai, Laboratory of Bioimaging and Cell Signaling, Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University.  

Confocal stack image of Tg(fli1:gal4dbd-htead2ΔN-2A-mCherry);Tg(UAS:EGFP) at 36hpf. Green shows EGFP signal.

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Facility RIKEN (Wako) CBS, Lab for Neural Circuit Dynamics of Decision Making