Strain Name: Tg(EF1a:GFP1-10)

Strain Name Tg(EF1a:GFP1-10)
Type Transgenics
Affected Gene
Origin and Depositor Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Hiroshi Nishina)
Link to ZFIN
In the 40 hpf embryos resulting from crossing the Smac-GFP11 and GFP1-10 Tg lines, bright green fluorescence was observed in some apoptotic cells after UV irradiation.

PCR reaction conditions for genotyping:
[50 μL rxn]
32.5 μL ddH2O
10 μL 5×PrimeSTAR Buffer
4 μL dNTP Mix (2.5 mM each)
1 μL Forward Primer (10 μM) [5'-GGC GAC GTA AAC GGC CAC AAG TTC-3']
1 μL Reverse Primer (10 μM) [5'-CTT CTC GTT GGG GTC TTT GCT CAG-3']
1 μL gDNA
0.5 μL PrimeSTAR HS DNA Polymerase

[Thermal Cycler Conditions]
98℃ – 10 sec – 40 cycles
55℃ – 5 sec – 40 cycles
72℃ – 52 sec – 40 cycles
4℃ - pause
[PCR product: 580-bp]  
The Conditions to Distribute Strains
In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested.
Nasu Y, Asaoka Y, Namae M, Nishina H, Yoshimura H1, Ozawa T (2016) Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Probe for Imaging Apoptosis in Vivo with Spontaneous GFP Complementation. Anal Chem, 88:838-844
The BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE shall be used only for basic research purpose (NOT for commercial purpose).  
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Facility RIKEN (Wako) CBS, Lab for Neural Circuit Dynamics of Decision Making