How to Order Strains

Please order fish strain from the list. We need to exchange the MTA to distribute strain. After your order has been copmleted, you will receive the MTA form by e-mail. Please prepare the signed MTA according to your institute's procedure.

In addition, several types of MTAs are used depending on fish strains. Depending on the requests by the producer of the strain, MTA might request the users either to simply cite the original paper or to add the producers as co-authors in the published papers. The examples are shown below.

  1. Strains established in the core- and sub-facilities
    MTAs issued by each facility’s organization will be used, in which the sentence to the following effect is included: ‘When the users publish experimental results using the transferred materials, the users have to disclose that they received the materials (from the developer of the materials) supported by National Bio Resource Project’
  2. Strains deposited to the core- and sub-facilities
    The MTA issued by National Bio Resource Project ZEBRAFISH will be used.