IN the Tenth International Wheat Genetics Symposium (10th IWGS)
1-6 September 2003 Paestum (Italy)

Participant = about 300 people
Recovered = 48 sheets

(1) Did you know about the KOMUGI database?

Yes (including its contents) 13 (27%)
Yes (but only the name) 7 (15%)
No 28 (58%)
Others (Wonderful) 0 (0%)

(2) Have you ever used (or accessed) the KOMUGI database?

Yes 13 (28%)
No 37 (72%)

(3) Have you ever used genetic resources of Triticum and/or Aegilops for your studies?

Yes 38 (86%)
Q3-1 : If so, how did you obtain the materials?
     from your own institute 24
     from other institutes or persons 34
Q3-2 : If so, have you requested seed materials by an online distribution system (not limited to "KOMUGI")?
    Yes 7
If so, please describe the name of (an) institution(s).
(different, ICARDA, Kyoto University, CYMMIT)
    No 26
    Others( )
No 6 (14%) (not physical resources-I am one of the curators of Grain Genes- we link to your site.)

(4) Do you have any plans of using Triticum and/or Aegilops as genetic resources for your research in future?

Yes (now in use) 32 (65%)
Yes (in the near future) 8 (16%)
No 5 (10%)
Not Sure 2 (4%)
Others 2 (4%)

(5) Do you think Triticum and/or Aegilops genetic resources will be more important in the future?

Yes (very important) 44 (94%)
No 0 (0%)
Not Sure 3 (6%)
Others 0 (0%)

(6) Any other suggestions or comments about KOMUGI?@

  • will give after visit that site
  • I look forward to seeing what the site has to after
  • Should some information of KOMUGI be minored at the Grain Genes site? and vice versa?
  • Excellent resource-thank you! You make my curator job much easier!!
  • Great resource of information
  • (7) If possible, please tell us about you. (this information will not be disclosed)

    Your Country;
    Australia(4), Pakistan, Egypt, Japan(3), Italy(3), Sweden, Switzerland, Canada(3), Germany(3),
    Serbia and Montenegro, Portugal, UK(3), Turkey, France(3). Russia(4), South Africa(2),
    USA(4), Spain(2), Israel, Croatia(1), Czech Republic(1)
    ( ) the number of people

    KOMUGI (Integrated Wheat Science Database)
    Please access !