2021/ 7/30
Whole-genome assemble of the transformation experimental cultivar 'Fielder' has been published (Abe et al. 2019; Sato et al. 2021).
The direct offspring of the individual used by them has been assigned as LPGKU2330.
Abe et al. (2019): https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2019.06.090 Sato et al. (2021): https://doi.org/10.1093/dnares/dsab008 Genome and contig information: https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/wheat/komugi/genome/download.jsp

2019/ 8/26
We opened a blast server against the de novo assembled Norin 61 wheat genome sequence. More

2019/ 8/22
A mirror page of the wheat taxonomy edited by Mr. John Raupp (Kansas State University) is uploaded.

2019/ 6/27
Parental line of the NAM population was available.[Click here to order all]

2019/ 1/31
Two accessions (LPGKU2304: 'Fielder' pure line (progeny of KT020-061, used in transformation experiments); LPGKU2305: 'Norin 61' pure line (progeny of the core collection accession genotyped by NBRP, and de novo sequecnced by the International Wheat 10+ Genomes Project, http://www.10wheatgenomes.com/10-wheat-genomes-project-and-the-wheat-initiative/)) are available from NBRP-Wheat.

2018/11/ 6
Thirty one accessions (LPGKU2273-LPGKU2303) of barley chromosomes 6H dissection lines of wheat (Ishihara et al. 2014) are available from NBRP-Wheat.

2017/ 3/ 28
Seiken Ziho was available.

2017/ 1/ 11
CATALOGUE OF GENE SYMBOLS FOR WHEAT: 2017 Supplement was available.

2016/ 8/ 2
CATALOGUE OF GENE SYMBOLS FOR WHEAT: 2015-2016 Supplement was available.

2015/11/ 5
"Strains by category" and "Search Strains" sites were updated.

NBRP strain data were updated.

2015/ 5/ 8
Phenotype information with photos was added.

2014/10/ 7
CATALOGUE OF GENE SYMBOLS FOR WHEAT: 2013-2014 was available.

2014/ 7/ 1
Phenotype information with photos was added.

2014/ 4/25
Homepage Renewal !