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Wheat Taxonomy

Wheat Taxonomy

Treatment of the Triticeae in various contemporary regional floras.

The floras have been selected to provide an overview of threatmens in current use. ○: the genus is recognized as such in the flora concerned; NI: the genus is not included in the flora concerned; an abbreviated generic name indicates that the genus is treated as a synonym of the abbreviated genus. Genera in boldface are interpreted similarly in all the selected floras in which they are represented.

(Tsvelev 1976)
(Melderis 1980)
(Davis 1985)
(Kuo 1987)
Indigenous New Zealand
(Connor 1994)
New world
(Soreng et al. 1998)
U.S.A. and Canada
(Barkworth et al, in preparation)
Aegilops NI
Agropyron NI
Amblyopyrum NI NI NI NI NI
Australopyrum NI NI NI NI NI NI
Crithopsis NI NI NI NI
Dasypyrum NI NI NI
Elytrigia [Elym] [Elym] NI [Elym]
Eremopyrum NI
Festucopsis NI NI NI NI NI NI
Henrardia NI NI NI NI NI
Heteranthelium NI NI NI
Hordelymus NI NI NI NI
Hordeum NI
Histrix NI NI NI Under review
Leymus NI
Peridictyon NI NI
Psathyrostachys NI
Pseudoroegneria [Elytr] [Elym] [Elym] [Elytr] NI
Roegneria [Elym] [Elym] [Elym] NI NI NI
Secale NI
Stenostachys NI NI NI NI NI NI
Taeniatherum NI NI
Thinopyrum [Elytr] [Elym] [Elym] [Elytr] NI
Triticum NI