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Wheat Taxonomy

Wheat Taxonomy

Reclassification of Triticum according to Löve 1984, with nomenclatural corrections.

The 1984 Löve classification [reference] was part of a taxonomic revision of the Tribe Triticeae. Following a broad interpretation of the biological species concept, Löve defined genera by their unique genome constitution, either as genera of diploids or polyploids. Thus, the genus Triticum was split into three genera, each corresponding to one of three ploidy levels in the genus.

Triticum L.

Genus Crithodium Link [A genome]
Crithodium jerevani (Tumanian) Á.Löve (4x)
Crithodium monococcum (L.) Á.Löve
subsp. monococcum Boiss.
subsp. aegilopoides (Link) Á.Löve
Crithodium urartu (Tumanian ex Gandilyan) Á.Löve
Genus Gigachilon Seidl [BA genome]
Section Gigachilon
Gigachilon aethiopicum (Jakubz.) Á.Löve
Gigachilon polonicum (L.) Seidl
subsp. polonicum
subsp. carthlicum (Nevski in Kom.) Á.Löve
subsp. dicoccoides (Körn. ex Asch. & Graebner) Á.Löve
subsp. dicoccum (Schrank ex Schübler) Á.Löve
subsp. durum (Desf.) Á.Löve
subsp. palaeocolchicum (Menabde) Á.Löve & D.Löve
subsp. turanicum (Jakubz.) Á.Löve
subsp. turgidum (L.) Á.Löve
Section Kiharae (Dorof. & Migush.) Á.Löve
Gigachilon timopheevii (Zhuk.) Á.Löve
subsp. timopheevii
subsp. armeniacum (Jakubz.) Á.Löve
Gigachilon zhukovskyi (Menabde & Ericzjan) Á.Löve
Genus Triticum L. [BAD genome]
Triticum aestivum L.
subsp. aestivum
subsp. compactum (Host) Thell.
subsp. hadropyrum (Flaksb.) Tzvelev
subsp. macha (Dekapr. & Menabde) MacKey
subsp. spelta (L.) Thell.
subsp. sphaerococcum (Percival) MacKey
subsp. vavilovii (Jakubz.) MacKey