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Wheat Taxonomy

Wheat Taxonomy

Reclassification of Aegilops according to Löve 1984, with nomenclatural corrections.

The 1984 Löve classification [reference] was part of a taxonomical revision of the Tribe Triticeae. Following a broad interpretation of the biological species concept, Löve defined genera by their unique genome constitution, either as genera of diploids or polyploids. Thus, Aegilops was split into 13 genera, each corresponding to either a diploid genome grouping or polyploid genome cluster. The classification is presented here with corrections in authority citations.

Aegilops L.

Genus Aegilemma Á. Löve [US genomes]
Aegilemma kotschyi (Boiss.) Á. Löve
Aegilemma peregrina (Hackel in J.Fraser) Á. Löve
subsp. peregrina
subsp. cylindrostachys (Eig & Feinbrun) Á. Löve
Genus Aegilonearum Á. Löve [DMU genomes]
Aegilonearum juvenale (Thell.) Á. Löve
Genus Aegilopodes Á. Löve [UC genomes]
Aegilopodes triuncialis (L.) Á. Löve
subsp. triuncialis
subsp. persica (Boiss.) Á. Löve
Genus Aegilops L. [UC genomes]
Aegilops columnaris Zhuk.
Aegilops geniculata Roth
subsp. geniculata
subsp. globulosa (Zhuk.) Á. Löve
Aegilops lorentii Hochst.
subsp. lorentii
subsp. archipelagica (Eig) Á. Löve
subsp. pontica (Degen) Á. Löve
Aegilops ovata L.
Aegilops recta (Zhuk.) Chennav. [UMN genomes]
Genus Amblyopyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Eig [T genome]
Amblyopyrum muticum (Boiss.) Eig
subsp.loliaceum (Jaub. & Spach) Á. Löve
Genus Chennapyrum Á. Löve [N genome]
Chennapyrum uniaristatum (Vis.) Á. Löve
Genus Comopyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Á. Löve [M genome]
Comopyrum comosum (Sm. in Sibth. & Sm.) Á. Löve
subsp. comosum
subsp. heldreichii (Holzm. ex Boiss.) Á. Löve
Genus Cylindropyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Á. Löve [CD genomes]
Cylindropyrum cylindricum (Host) Á. Löve
subsp. cylindricum
subsp. pauciaristatum (Eig) Á. Löve
Genus Gastropyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Á. Löve [DX / DXX genomes]
Gastropyrum crassum (Boiss.) Á. Löve [DM genomes]
Gastropyrum glumiaristatum (Eig) Á. Löve & P.E. McGuire [DMM genomes]
Gastropyrum vavilovii (Zhuk.) Á. Löve [DMS genomes]
Gastropyrum ventricosum (Tausch) Á. Löve [DN genomes]
Genus Kiharapyrum Á. Löve [U genome]
Kiharapyrum umbellulatum (Zhuk.) Á. Löve
subsp. umbellulatum
subsp. transcaucasicum (Dorof. & Migush.) Á. Löve
Genus Orrhopygium Á. Löve [C genome]
Orrhopygium caudatum (L.) Á. Löve
Genus Patropyrum Á. Löve [D genome]
Patropyrum tauschii (Cosson) Á. Löve
subsp. tauschii
subsp. salinum (Zhuk.) Á. Löve
subsp. strangulatum (Eig) Á. Löve
Genus Sitopsis (Jaub. & Spach) Á. Löve [S genome]
Sitopsis bicornis (Forsskål) Á. Löve
Sitopsis longissima (Schweinf. & Muschl. in Muschl.) Á. Löve
Sitopsis searsii (Feldman & Kislev ex K.Hammer) Á. Löve
Sitopsis sharonensis (Eig) Á. Löve
Sitopsis speltoides (Tausch) Á. Löve