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Wheat Taxonomy

Wheat Taxonomy

Reclassification of Aegilops according to Chennaveeraiah 1960.

This classification [references], which is not well known in the literature, is unusual among cytogenetically-based wheat treatments because Chennaveeraiah disagreed with Bowden's genomic concept of one large genus Triticum. Chennaveeraiah took a different direction, using his evaluation of karyomorphology and plant morphology to justify a division of Aegilops into three genera. Following Eig's treatment of Aegilops and Amblyopyrum, he diverged from the taxonomic tradition by moving the S-genome species into Triticum. The classification is presented here in its original form with corrections for authority names and abbreviations.

Aegilops L.

Section Polyeides Zhuk. Kihara
Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk.
Aegilops ovata L.
subsp. brachyathera (Pomel) Chennav.
subsp. globulosa Zhuk.
Aegilops biuncialis Vis.
Aegilops columnaris Zhuk.
Aegilops triuncialis L.
subsp. triuncialis
subsp. brachyathera (Boiss.) Zhuk.
subsp. persica (Boiss.) Zhuk.
Aegilops kotschyi Boiss.
Aegilops variabilis Eig.
Aegilops triaristata Willd.
Aegilops recta (Zhuk.) Chennav.
Section Uniaristatopyrum Chennav.
Aegilops uniaristata Vis.
Section Comopyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Senjan.-Korcz.
Aegilops comosa Sm. in Sibth. & Sm.
subsp. comosa
subsp. heldreichii (Holzm. ex Boiss.) Eig
Section Cylindropyrum (Jaub. & Spach) Zhuk.
Aegilops caudata L.
Aegilops cylindrica Host
subsp. cylindrica
subsp. pauciaristata (Eig) Chennav.
Section Vertebrata (Zhuk.) Kihara
Aegilops squarrosa L.
subsp. squarrosa
subsp. meyeri (Eig) (Griseb. in Ledeb.) Chennav.
Aegilops ventricosa Tausch
Aegilops crassa Boiss. (4x and 6x)
Aegilops vavilovii (Zhuk.) Chennav.
Aegilops juvenalis (Thell). Eig

Amblyopyrum Eig

Amblyopyrum muticum Eig
var. muticum
var. loliaceum (Jaub. & Spach) Eig

Triticum L. (only S-genome species moved into Triticum are listed here)

Section Sitopsis (Jaub. & Spach) Chennav.
Triticum speltoides (Tausch) Gren. ex K.Richter
subsp. speltoides
subsp. ligusticum (Savig.) Chennav.
subsp. aucheri (Boiss.) Chennav.
Triticum bicorne Forsskål
Triticum longissimum (Schweinf. & Muschl.) Bowden
subsp. longissimum
subsp. sharonensis (Eig) Chennav.