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About Wild Species

It is possible to hybridize the Triticeae family (which wheat and barley are a part of) with wheat. Crossbred generations from this hybridization produce various wheat accessions which carry alien chromosomes. These accessions display more distinctive phenotype than heterogenic hybridization which is why they are utilized not only in genetic studies but also in basic researches and reproduction as genetic resources.
In April 2003, the Tottori Alien Chromosome Bank of Wheat (TACBOW) was established in University of Tottori to intensively accumulate alien chromosome preservation accession, examine the chromosome and provide researchers with the appropriate materials.


Code Institution Group Count
TACBOW Tottori University,
Faculty of Agriculture
Chromosome line etc. 380

Faculty of Agriculture,
Tottori University
4-101 Koyama-Minami, Tottori 680-8550 Japan
PHONE: 0857-31-5352
FAX: 0857-31-5347