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About Wild Species

Accessions of landraces of wheat and of wild relatives are divided into the following two groups:

1) Recommended accessions: The number of accessions of several wild species and of landraces is sometimes very large and so it is very difficult for general users to select several accessions in their experiment. So, we selected several recommended accessions for each species based on the geographical distributions.
2) Those accessions that do not belong to the group 1 but NBRP(KOMUGI) supported the regeneration of seeds. They are further divided into two subgroups:
a. Traditional accessions: They are the traditional accessions of the Kyoto University collection that have been maintained for more than 50 years and have been widely used in genome analysis of wheat and its relatives.  
b. Worldwide collection: The majority of accessions comes from the original field collection by Kyoto University Explorations and covers most of the geographical distribution of the genus Triticum and Aegilops.  

Code Institution Strain Group Count
MOZUME Laboratory of Crop Evolution,
Graduate School for Agriculture,
Kyoto University
Group 1 : Core Collection 144
Group 2 : Traditional lines etc. 261
Group 3 : MOZUME All 9698

Laboratory of Crop Evolution
Plant Germ-plasm Institute
School of Agriculture
Kyoto University
Mozume, Muko, Kyoto
617-0001 Japan
PHONE: +81-75-921-0652
FAX: +81-75-932-8063