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About genetic strains and landraces

Since Dr. Hitoshi Kihara had initiated Kihara Institute for Biological Research (KIBR), Yokohama City University had a tradition and history of KIBR genetic resource conservation in wheat and its relatives. We conserve and provide wheat genetic resources seeds and information of experimental lines and landraces collected from Asia, in a part of NBRP KOMUGI program.

The experimental lines include mutant, near isogenic line (NIL), and recombinant inbred line (RIL: 6x and 2x). The landraces are 6x wheat accessions collected from several plant explorations mainly from eastern Asia. For most of the accessions, ear specimens are available, and for a part of the accessions (mainly landraces) the 16 basic phenotypes are described in the phenotype data sheets (now under accumulating). Segregation data of RFLP markers are also available in 2x and 6x RILs. Materials (usually 10 grains per line) would be gifted only for academic purpose on request with MTA.

Experimental line/Landrace/Other

Code Code Group Counts
KIBR Kihara Institute for Biological Research, Yokohama City University Experimental line 428
Landrace 710
Other 267
Old strains 25
Category name Counts
experimental line 428
     diploid recombinant inbred line 114
     diploid mutation line 32
     hexaploid recombinant inbred line 147
     hexaploid mutation line 47
     hexaploid isogenic line 26
     hexaploid chromosome substitution line 62
landrace 710
     diploid landrace 13
     hexaploid landrace other thans ssp.aestivum 12
     hexaploid Uighur landrace 340
     hexaploid Tibet landrace 345
other 267
     diploid wild species 7
     other hexaploid line 260

Staffs Tomohiro Ban
  Hanako Miyazaki
Information HP: http://pgsource.sci.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/index.html
  Phone: 045-820-1902
  Fax: 045-820-1901