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National BioResource Project / WHEAT

NBRP Komugi collects, preserves and distributes high quality research resources.

The National Bioresource Project (NBRP) launched by the Japanese government in 2002 included the maintenance and distribution of seed stocks and DNA clones of "Wheat" as NBRP-WHEAT. NBRP-WHEAT is to continue in the second term of NBRP starting in 2007, with the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University as the core institution and Kihara Institute for Biological Research, Yokohama City University as the sub-institution. Researchers of wheat in Japan will form a committee to support the second term of NBRP-WHEAT, as in the first term.

In the second term, NBRP-WHEAT will not only continue the maintenance and distribution of seed stocks and DNA clones of wheat that were collected in the first term of NBRP, but will also continue the collection of seed stocks and DNA clones, focusing on wild species and local breeds that have not yet been incorporated into the NBRP project, and on full-length cDNA clones and EST clones. Useful genetic stocks will also be collected on occasion. These seed stocks and DNA clones will be distributed by responding to requests on this website. The second-term NBRP-Wheat features the collection and characterization (polymorphism) of DNA markers, which will be useful in isolating genes from the gigantic genomes of wheat. The characterized DNA markers will be released on the database KOMUGI.

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