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LPGKU - Nullisomic-2A

The genomic DNA sample of the "Nullisomic-2A" line of the wheat cultivar Chinese Spring is now in stocks. The DNA is isolated from leaves of the lines missing chromosome 2A specific SSR markers (5 markers: mc407, wmc177, gwm294, wmc181, wmc658, Refer to our marker page at http://wheatssr.nig.ac.jp/markerdb/ for their chromosomal locations), which were identified among the segregating offspring of Monosomic-2A Tetrasomic-2D. The DNA samples can be used for identification of the markers and genes on the chromosome 2A. We will distribute 10 micrograms of DNA per request, until we run out of stock. A handling fee of 110 yen will be charged for each DNA sample as is for the seed stocks.

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