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For deposition of experimental lines of wheat, rye or other related strains

The NBRP-wheat aims to systematically collect experimental strains in genera Triticum, Aegilops, and Secale. If you deposit the strains that you have developed, and/or characterized in your research projects, we will carefully maintain them. Moreover, only with permission of depositors, we will distribute them to the researchers worldwide who want to further analyze the materials.. Regarding deposited seeds, NBRP-wheat does not claim any rights to them and we will not distribute them without the consent of the depositor. Strains that you have developed and used in researches are a precious treasure that should be passed on to the next generation. Your strains will be valuable materials in research activities in future. If you deposit your strains to the NBRP-wheat, you can avoid losing or damaging them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please provide the following information if you wish to deposit strains. The deposition committee (Drs. Ban, Endo, Kawahara, and Tsujimoto) of the NBRP-wheat will carefully examine your proposal for deposition and will contact you to discuss the procedure of deposition (MTA, shipment of the seeds, etc.).

If you have any further questions, please email us at (NBRP-Wheat Office).
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