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Beginning on April 1st 2010, the NBRP-Wheat (National Bioresource Project-Wheat), Japan start to charge handling and shipping fees for any request of resources. This change is to be demanded based on the policy of self-sustainability of distribution service of the resources. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • You can place order via our web-based order system. The estimated amount of total fee can be calculated according to the formula shown in the Tables of Fees ( seed resources ). Shortly, the total fee for overseas shipping and handling is the sum of the “Fee per Request” plus the “Fee per Accession”.

  • After checking the stocks for seed materials, we will inform you the precise amount that you will be required to pay.

  • Exchange of MTA is prerequisite of distribution of seed. We require signature of an authorized institutional official (e.g., Department Head, Head of Institute). Here you can see the examples of MTAs for seed resources.
  • We will send resources after receiving two copies of MTA and confirming your payment. For importation of resources, please also consult for the customs in your country about regulations and conditions. It is your obligation to inform us the necessary processes and documents for importation of seed materials. Without providing such information, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of the sending materials.
  • ( IMPORTANT NOTICE ON SEED MATERIALS ) We decided to send out seeds abroad ONLY TWICE A YEAR because of the phytosanitary inspection. We are planning to distribute seeds in February and August. It is recommended to place order substantially prior to the shipping dates in February and August to be processed properly. It takes us about six weeks to process your order, and it may take us even more when phytosanitary inspection is required.

  • In order to avoid any delay, it is important that you inform Kyoto University (Seed resources, email: ) about the transaction date of the funds transfer.

  • For your inquiry on distribution of resources of NBRP-Wheat, please contact to for seed materials.

How to Order Resources


  1. Search for and Add Strains to Your Order
  2. Enter Your Personal Information
  3. Fill in Your Billing Information
  4. Check Your Order
  5. Order Completed

How to order strains

1. Search For and Add Strains to Your Order

  1. Search for strains using the NBRP Strains screens.
  2. When you decide which strains you want, click the symbol.
  3. Confirm the strains you have requested, and add additional strains as necessary.
  4. When all desired strains have been selected, click the symbol.

2. Enter Your Personal Information

  • To change Request resources, click the button.
  • Click the "Login" button.
  • Enter your email address and password, and click the "Login" button.
  • First-time Users
    Enter your user information and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Fill in your billing information

  1. Confirm your billing information and your comments.
  2. Confirm the strains which you are ordering.
  3. Confirm the estimated charges.
    The total amount is rounded up to the nearest 100 yen.
  4. Confirm the Importat notice.
    If you need the Phytosanmitary inspection, click "Yes".
  5. Confirm the Import permit.
    If you send an "import permit" together with filled MTA forms, click "Yes".
  6. Confirm your shipping information.
  7. Check if your billing information for the estimated charges is the same as your shipping information.
    If it is the same, tick the “Billing information is the same as the user information” checkbox.
    If it is different, fill in your billing information.
  8. If you have any comments or questions, fill in the remarks column.
  9. After filling in all the information, click the “Confirm” button.

4. Confirm your order

  1. Do a final confirmation on the details of your order.
  2. Check the strains of your order.
  3. Confirm the estimated charges.
    The total amount is rounded up to the nearest 100 yen.
    f you are okay with the estimated charges, check the “I agree to pay the estimated charges” checkbox.
  4. Confirm the Phytosanmitary inspection.
  5. Confirm the Import permit.
  6. Confirm your personal information.
  7. Confirm your billing information
  8. Confirm your remarks.
  9. Click the “Send” button if all details are correct. If you wish to change any information, click the “Back” button.
  10. Order Completed.

    You have completed your order.

5.Order Completed

This completes your order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you registered.

Please print the MTA (MATERIAL TRANSFER AGREEMENT) attached to the confirmation e-mail, and have the required information ( MTA Sample ) filled in by the research group representative in charge. Please send it by postal mail to the following address.

Do not send the MTA by facsimile or e-mail.

The strains you requested will be sent to you after we have received the proper documents from you.
If there are any problems, please contact us with the request id noted in the Order Processed screen.

NBRP-Wheat Secretariat
Graduate School of Agriculture
Kyoto University
Kyoto 606-8502