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Map construction
Each locus was examined for goodness-of fit to the expected 1:1 segregation ratio by the c2 test. Distorted loci were removed because they might result in the ambiguous map order. A linkage map was constructed with the Kosambi mapping function (Kosambi 1943) using MAPMAKER 2.0 (Lnader et al. 1987). Linkage groups were initially established using a LOD threshold of 2.5. Unlinked markers in this threshold were examined individually by the near command. Markers with LOD < 2.0 were placed in the preferred locations and are indicated by bold on the maps. Preferred orders were checked by the first order command. To estimate the location of the restriction fragments, Nulli-tetra series of T. aestivum cv. Chinese Spring (Sears 1954) was utilized. The position of the centromere on each linkage group was inferred from T. aestivum telosomic analyses. RFLP Map