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An RFLP map of diploid A-genome wheat based on a series of recombinant inbred lines (RILWA-1). Total 115 lines of recombinant inbred were used as the mapping population, which has been derived from a cross between a cultivated of einkorn Triticum monococcum L. (KT3-5) and its wild species T. boeoticum Boiss (KT1-1) at F8 generation after the single-seed descendent method. The segregation population exhibited wide variations of morphological traits. Among 233 RFLP markers tested for polymorphism, 110 (47.2%) showed polymorphism between the parental lines, and 118 loci were detected by the segregation analysis. Linkage analysis was constructed by MPMAKER 2.0, which revealed 7 linkage groups with 1061.7cM in total. The average distance between marker loci was 9.7cM. The constructed linkage map was larger in comparison with the reported ones including A-genome map or the consensus maps of Triticeae.

Th original citation:

T. Sasakuma, C. Shindo, N. Watanabe & K. Noda : An RFLP map of A-genome species of diploid wheat based on recombinant inbred lines (Plant Breeding 3(2) 261, 2001)

Correspondence: T. Sasakuam ( Kihara Institute for Biological Research/ Graduate School of Integrated Science, Yokohama City University, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan); sasakuma@yokohama-cu.ac.jp

Map :
RFLP map
Table :
Markers used for construction the linkage map of RILWA-1.
No. of loci and the map distance of their intervals for each chromosome of RILWA-1.
Comparison of the map distance between common marker loci on 5Am chromosome of F2 and RIL.
List :
Segregation of RFLP fragments in RILWA-1
A clone list for RFLP in RILWA-1