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Catalogue of Gene Symbols

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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Reaction to Puccinia triticina
Level 2 Genes for resistance
Level 3
Level 4
Symbol Wild Type Lr37
Symbol comment Derived from Ae. ventricosa. Recessive {667}.
Lr37 can be recognised in seedlings at low temperatures (17oC) and is effective in adult plants under field conditions. See also Sr38 (Reaction to P. graminis) and Yr17 (Reaction to P. striiformis)
Chromosomes 2AS{062}, 6Mv = 2MS-6MS.6ML or 2MS-6ML.6MS{0009}
Germplasms i:RL 6081 = Tc*/VPM1{939}, i:RL6081 = Tc*8/VPM1{316}, i:various NILs listed in{0213}, v:Hyak{021}, v:Madsen{020}, v:Rendezvous{062}, v:VPM1{062}, v:VPM1 derivatives{939}, v:see also Reaction to P. striiformis tritici Yr17, ad:Moisson + 6Nv=6NvS.6NvL-2NvS or 6NvL.6NvS-2NvS{0009}, v:Mx12{0213}, v:Mx22{0213}, ma:(relevant to both groups of derivatives.) PCR primers designed from marker csVrga1D3 {0183} producing a 383bp product allows detection of the 2NvS segment{0213}, ma:see also: Reaction to P. striiformis Yr17
Comment A resistance gene analog containing an NBS-LRR R gene sequence was isolated from the Ae. ventricosa segment carrying Lr37 {0183}.
The 2NS translocated segment carrying Lr37 replaced the distal half of chromosome 2A (25-38 cM) from Xcmwg682-2A to XksuH-9-2A. PCR markers were developed for the 2NS and 2AS alleles of Xcmwg682{10073}. SCAR markers SC-372 and SC-385 were developed in {10796}.

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