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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Reaction to Puccinia triticina
Level 2 Genes for resistance
Level 3
Level 4
Symbol Wild Type Lr34
Synonyms LrT2{321}
Symbol comment In addition to conferring seedling and adult plant resistance, Lr34 responds in a complementary manner when combined with either Lr33 or LrT3 {321}. In the Thatcher background, Lr34 is associated with increased resistance to stem rust {299,321}.
Although the resistance gene in the near-isogenic Thatcher line, RL6077, was considered to be Lr34 on the basis of disease response, leaf tip necrosis and its association with resistance to stripe rust, a cross with RL6058 segregated for two genes. A translocation to another chromosome was suggested {324}.
Chromosomes 7D{299}, 7DS{324,1058}
Germplasms i:Arina + Lr34{10648}, i:Lalbahudar + Lr34{10648}, i:Line 897{321}, i:Line 920{321}, i:Selections Jupateco 73R Lr17a Lr27 + Lr31 and Jupateco 73S Lr17a Lr27 + Lr31 and Cocoraque 75 Lr13 Lr17a Lr27 + Lr31 and Anhuac 75 Lr13 Lr17a Lr27 + Lr31, can be considered near-isogenic for the presence and absence, respectively, of Lr34{1361}, v:Ardito{10648}, v:Arina*3/Forno{10380}, v:Bezostaya{10387,10648}, v:Condor{10387,10648}, v:Cook{10387}, v:Forno{10066,10380,10387}, v:Fukuho-Komugi{10387,10648}, v:Kavkaz{10648}, v:Lantian 12{10682}, v:Libellula{10682}, v:Otane{10387}, v:Pegaso{10648}, v:Penjamo 62{10648}, v:RL 6058 = Tc*6/PI 58548{297}, v:PI 268454{297}, v:Strampelli{10682}, v:Westphal 12{0268}, v:Others{299,321,1322,1376}, v:See{1362}, v:2174{10888}, v:List of U.S. hard wheats in{10888}, v:Pedigree charts showing the presence of Lr34 in various Canadian wheat classes are given in{10889}, v2:Anza = WW15 Lr13 heterogeneous{10648}, v2:Brambling Lr14a Lr23{10563}, v2:BH1146 Lr13, v2:Chinese Spring Lr12 Lr31{301,10648}, v2:Chris Lr13{10648}, v2:Frontana Lr13{1374}, v2:Glenlea Lr1{327,10648}, v2:Jupateco R Lr17a, Lr27 + Lr31{10648}, v2:Lageadinho LrT3{321}, v2:Laura Lr1 Lr10{712}, v2:Mentana Lr3b{10493,10648}, v2:Parula Lr13 Lr46{1374}, v2:PI 58548 Lr33{297,321}, v2:RL 6059 = Tc*6/Terenzio Lr33{297}, v2:RL 6069 = Tc*6/Lageadinho LrT3{321}, v2:RL 6070 = Tc*5/PI 321999 LrT3{321}, v2:RL 6050 = Tc*6/Terenzio LrT3{321}, v2:Saar Lr46{10481}, v2:Sturdy Lr12 Lr13{301}, v2:Terenzio Lr3 Lr30 LrT3{321}, v2:Thirteen Thatcher lines with 2-gene combinations{434}, ma:Complete linkage with Ltn (leaf tip necrosis){1361}, Yr18 (Reaction to P. striiformis){1362,937} and Bdv1 (Reaction to barley yellow dwarf virus) and Pm38 (Reaction to B. graminis){0090}; association with Xwg834-7D{0268}, ma:Xgwm120-7D - 0.9 cM - Lr34 - 2.7 cM - Xgwm295-7D{10259}, ma:Lr34 .....XsfrBF473324 - 0.5 cM - Xsfr.cdo475-7D - 0.7 cM - Xswm10-7D{10387}, ma:A 150 bp allele (b) of STS csLV34, derived from wEST BQ788742 was identified in most wheats with Lr34; CsLV34a - 0.4 cM - Lr34{10387}, ma:STS marker csLV34 was used to confirm or postulate the presence of Lr34 in Australian cultivars {10493} and Hungarian materials{10701}, ma:Further markers for Lr34 and various marker-positive haplotypes that lack leaf rust resistance are described in{10887,10888}, c:Lr34 spanning 11,805 bp and producing a 1,401 aa protein belongs to the drug resistance subfamily of ABC reporters{10648}, c:contained within FJ436983{10648}, c:Putative ABC transporter, GenBank FJ436983, in CS{10862}, c:Further confirmation of the ABC transporter is provided in{10887}
Comment A QTL, which is likely to correspond to Lr34, was identified in the Opata 85/W-7984 (ITMI) RI mapping population. The resistance was contributed by Opata 85 {0090}.
On the basis of leaf tip necrosis and lack of segregation in a diallel, cv. Saar, Simogh, Homa, Parastoo and Cocnoos were considered to have Lr34, but each also possessed 2 or 3 additional adult plant resistance factors {10110}.
This gene is identical to Yr18, Pm38 and Ltn and confers stem rust resistance in some genetic backgrounds.
Diagnostic markers based on the gene sequence are reported in {10713}; AC Domain, Cappelle Desprez, H-45, Jagger, Newton, RL 6077, and H-45 do not carry Lr34 {10713}.

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