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Class Level 1 Reaction to Tapesia yallundae. (Anomorph: Pseudocerosporella herpotrichoides (Fron) Deighton)
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Symbol Wild Type Pch1
Synonyms Pch{261}
Chromosomes 7D{591,592}, 7DL{708,1603}
Germplasms s:Courtot*/Roazon 7D{592}, s:Hobbit Sib*/VPM1 7D{591}, v:Ae ventricosa derivative{261}, v:Coda{10513}, v:H-93-70{236,1521}, v:Hyak{021}, v:Madsen{020}, v:Rendezvous{1603}, v:Roazon{591}, v:5L 219{1521}, tv:Five recombinant lines{0224}, al:Ae. ventricosa{261}, ma:Pch1 was linked to Ep-D1 and mapped 2 cM from microsatellite marker XustSSR2001-7D{10070}, ma:Ep-d1b was a more reliable marker than the STS for selecting Pch1{10238}, ma:Leonard et al. {10513} predicted that Ep-D1 might encode an oligopeptidase B, and by comparative genetics, developed primers to a wheat oligopeptidase B-encoding wheat EST BU1003257. Complete linkage occurred for a derived STS marker Xorw1 and Pch1 in a Coda/Brundage RIL population and the marker identified the presence or absence of Pch1 among 44 wheat accessions{10513}
Comment Pch1 is closely linked with Ep-V1 {973}. Delibes et al. {236} concluded that Pch1 was not located in chromosome 7D whereas Law et al. {776} found that H-93-70 possessed a unique allele, Ep-D1b, in common with VPM1 and its derivatives. Eyespot resistance and Ep-A1b in chromosome 7A were genetically associated {704}.

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