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Catalogue of Gene Symbols

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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Proteins
Level 2 Other proteins
Level 3 Puroindolines and grain softness protein
Level 4
Symbol Wild Type Pina-D1
Allele Pina-D1a Pina-D1bPina-D1cPina-D1dPina-D1ePina-D1fPina-D1gPina-D1hPina-D1iPina-D1jPina-D1kPina-D1lPina-D1mPina-D1nPina-D1oPina-D1pPina-D1q
Germplasms v:Bellevue{0249}, v:Capitole (GenBank X69914){03110}, v:Courtot{0249}, v:Fortuna{0249}, v:Galaxie{0249}, v:Heron{1035}, v:Renan (GenBank CR626934){10440}, v:Soissons{0249}, v2:Aurelio Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Bezostaja Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Bilancia Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Bolero Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Brasilia Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Centauro Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Cerere Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:CS Pinb-D1a{452,0249}, v2:Colfiorito Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Cologna 21 Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:David Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Democrat Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Etruria Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Francia Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Gemini Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Genio Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Gladio Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Lampo Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Leone Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Leopardo Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Libero Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Livio Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Marberg Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Mentana Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Mieti Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Mose Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Neviana Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Newana Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Oscar Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Pandas Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Pascal Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Penawawa Pinb-D1a{03104}, v2:Sagittario Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Salgemma Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Saliente Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Salmone Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Serena Pinb-D1a{0249}, v2:Serio Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Veda Pinb-D1b{0249}, v2:Zena Pinb-D1b{0249}, dv:Ae. tauschii upspecified accession (GenBank AJ249935){03103}, dv:TA2475 (GenBank AY252037) Pinb-D1i, Gsp-D1b{03105}, dv:TA1599 (GenBank AY252011) Pinb-D1j, Gsp-D1g{03105}, dv:TA1691 (GanBank AY252013) Pinb-D1j, Gsp-D1h{03105}, dv:Ae. tauschii unidentified accession (GenBank AJ249935){03103}, dv:Ae. tauschii CPI 110799 (GenBank CR626926){10440}
Comment Pina-D1a is present in all soft hexaploid wheats and possibly all hard hexaploid wheats that carry a hardness mutation in puroindoline b {452,1035,0082,0204,0295}.

Related Reference
452 : Giroux MJ & Morris CF 1997
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