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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Proteins
Level 2 Endosperm storage proteins
Level 3 Glutenins
Level 4 Glu-1
Symbol Wild Type Glu-D1
Allele Glu-D1aGlu-D1bGlu-D1cGlu-D1dGlu-D1eGlu-D1fGlu-D1gGlu-D1hGlu-D1iGlu-D1jGlu-D1kGlu-D1lGlu-D1mGlu-D1nGlu-D1oGlu-D1pGlu-D1qGlu-D1rGlu-D1sGlu-D1tGlu-D1uGlu-D1vGlu-D1wGlu-D1xGlu-D1yGlu-D1zGlu-D1aaGlu-D1abGlu-D1acGlu-D1adGlu-D1aeGlu-D1agGlu-D1ahGlu-D1aiGlu-D1ajGlu-D1akGlu-D1amGlu-D1alGlu-D1anGlu-D1aoGlu-D1apGlu-D1aqGlu-D1arGlu-D1asGlu-D1atGlu-D1auGlu-D1avGlu-D1awGlu-D1axGlu-D1ayGlu-D1azGlu-D1baGlu-D1bbGlu-D1bcGlu-D1bdGlu-D1beGlu-D1bfGlu-D1bgGlu-D1bhGlu-D1biGlu-D1bjGlu-D1bkGlu-D1blGlu-D1bmGlu-D1bnGlu-D1boGlu-D1bpGlu-D1bq Glu-D1br Glu-D1bsGlu-D1btGlu-D1buGlu-D1bvGlu-D1bw
Chromosomes 5*t+10.1t{10426}
Germplasms tv:Ae. tauschii TD81{10426}
Comment Subunit 10.1t possesses a mobility slightly lower than subunit 10 in SDS-PAGE and its deduced amino acid sequence is similar to subunit 12 (8 amino acid differences) {10426}; the authors used the complete coding sequence to make phylogenetic comparisons with 19 other subunits including both x-type and y-type subunits and concluded that Glu-1 gene duplication event probably occurred about 16.83 million years ago.
Five combinations involving 6 HMW subunits [1D (p-t)] are listed in {420}. Eleven additional Glu-D1 alleles in T. tauschii were described {755}. Seven transfers of Glu-D1a and 10 of Glu-D1d (5+10) from chromosome 1D to chromosome 1A in triticale were described {846}. The subunit 2.2* encoded by Glu-D1al and Glu-D1-1m in the appropriate list below has an unusually high Mr. Comparison of its N-terminal sequence and amino acid composition with those of subunit 2 (encoded by Glu-D1-1a) indicated that its greater Mr could be due to the presence of a larger central repetitive domain, although further evidence suggested that this does not affect the conformational properties of the subunit {02107}. The alleles originally designated Glu-D1w (encoding 'subunits' 2 (or 2t denoting its origin in the Ae. tauschii genome) +T1+T2), Glu-D1af (encoding 3 (or 3t)+T1+T2) and Glu-D1ag (encoding 1.5 (or1.5t)+T1+T2) share the component T1 that was originally classified as a HMW glutenin. However, it has since been shown {02108} that this protein is soluble in aqueous ethanol, casting doubt upon this classification. More recently, it was shown {02109}, from one and two dimensional gel electrophoresis based upon SDS-PAGE and A-PAGE, and from N-terminal sequencing, that this protein is an omega-gliadin of unusually low electrophoretic mobility in SDS-PAGE, encoded by a locus located on the short arm of chromosome 1D, though distant (13.18 cM) from the principle gliadin-encoding locus on 1D, Gli-D1, and 40.20 cM from the high molecular weight encoding locus, Glu-D1. The authors named the locus Gli-DT1 (see Gliadins). Reference to T1 was consequently removed from the Glu-D1 list. As a consequence of this finding, allele Glu-D1w was reused for a distinct allele, and Glu-D1af was omitted and will be reused for a future allele, since the combinations of subunits that these alleles originally represented are no longer unique. In {03124}, null alleles were observed for both Glu-D1-1 and Glu-D1-2,which, naturally, are not necessarily the same as those previously reported for this locus, meaning that composite alleles involving them in this study and corresponding to combinations apparently already listed in the Catalogue, may, in fact, represent novel alleles. It is also found that certain subunits of apparently identical relative mobility in SDS-PAGE showed different surface hydrophobocities in RP-HPLC; and the reverse situation was also observed (the same hydrophobicity, but different electrophoretic mobilities). It was shown {03126} that the relatively small size of a y-type HMW glutenin subunit, named 12.4t (encoded by Glu-D1-1t {03124} - see below) and carried by accession CPI110750 of Ae. tauschii, is due to the deletion of blocks of repetitive motifs, amounting to approximately 200 amino acids, probably caused by unequal crossing-over.
Alleles and subunits at Glu-A1-1 and Glu-A1-2: Glu-A1-1 encodes X-type glutenins and Glu-A1-2 encodes y-type glutenins.

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