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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Proteins
Level 2 Endosperm storage proteins
Level 3 Glutenins
Level 4 Glu-1
Symbol Wild Type Glu-B1
Allele Glu-B1aGlu-B1bGlu-B1cGlu-B1dGlu-B1eGlu-B1fGlu-B1gGlu-B1hGlu-B1iGlu-B1jGlu-B1kGlu-B1lGlu-B1mGlu-B1nGlu-B1oGlu-B1pGlu-B1qGlu-B1rGlu-B1sGlu-B1tGlu-B1uGlu-B1vGlu-B1wGlu-B1xGlu-B1yGlu-B1zGlu-B1aaGlu-B1abGlu-B1acGlu-B1adGlu-B1aeGlu-B1afGlu-B1agGlu-B1ahGlu-B1aiGlu-B1ajGlu-B1akGlu-B1alGlu-B1amGlu-B1anGlu-B1aoGlu-B1apGlu-B1aqGlu-B1arGlu-B1asGlu-B1atGlu-B1auGlu-B1ayGlu-B1azGlu-B1baGlu-B1bbGlu-B1bcGlu-B1bdGlu-B1avGlu-B1awGlu-B1axGlu-B1beGlu-B1bfGlu-B1bgGlu-B1bhGlu-B1biGlu-B1bjGlu-B1bkGlu-B1blGlu-B1bmGlu-B1bn Glu-B1bo Glu-B1bpGlu-B1bqGlu-B1brGlu-B1bsGlu-B1btGlu-B1buGlu-B1bvGlu-B1bwGlu-B1bxGlu-B1byGlu-B1bzGlu-B1caGlu-B1cbGlu-B1ccGlu-B1cdGlu-B1ce
Chromosomes 7+26{10425}
Germplasms v:Triticales: Presto, Modus{10425}
Comment The number 26 was also used to designate a subunit encoded by Glu-A1k and Glu-A1-1k.
The alleles formerly designated t to x in {959} were renamed x to ab because allele t in {847} and alleles u, v and w in {1069} had precedence. Subunit 8 of Glu-B1b (7+8) is more acidic in isoelectric focusing than subunit 8 of Glu-B1d (6+8) {555}. Variation in the mobility of subunits designated 7 has been observed {1118}, which accords with more recent observations {714,1069}. The subunit encoded by Glu-B1v {1069} has the same mobility as subunit 7 of Glu-B1c (7+9); it could be the same subunit as 7' encoded by Glu-B1ai [{714}].
Variation in the staining intensity of subunit 7 in different lines was observed {1069}; a duplication of the gene encoding subunit 7 probably occurred in cultivar 'Red River 68', as evidenced by increased intensity of the subunit in SDS-PAGE and by approximately doubled intensity of restriction fragments carrying the gene in Southern blotting {9989}. Possible low gene expression at Glu-B1 was noted for Glu-B1w, where subunits 6*+8* stain very faintly {1146}.
One of the Glu-B1af subunits was numbered 26 in {1146}; 26 was previously used to number the subunit encoded by Glu-A1k {478}. Subunit 28 of Glu-B1ag (28+29) {1146} is referred to as subunit 19* in {1068}. Subunit 23 of Glu-B1p {23+18} and Glu-B1ad (23+22) {125} may not be the same subunit as that numbered 23 of Glu-B1l {23+24} {778}. Glu-Blz carried by Roccia was numbered (7+15) and named Glu-B1-XII in {125}; however, the earlier name, Glu-B1-IX {1523}, has precedence; also, {1523} states that the Glu-B1-IX subunit of faster mobility is slightly slower than subunit 15. Subunit 11 of Glu-B1s {7+11} was so numbered in {478} because its mobility is the same as one of the subunits encoded by a Glu-D1 allele (2+11) described in {755}.
Eight alleles at Glu-B1-1 and 10 alleles at Glu-B1-2 in T. turgidum var. dicoccoides populations were described in {798}. In a further study using different germplasm of this species {205}, 19 alleles at Glu-B1 were observed, including 15 not previously observed; the 19 alleles included 11 alleles at Glu-B1-1 and 14 alleles (including the null allele) at Glu-B1-2, although, as the authors pointed out, it was not conclusively clear how many of these alleles were distinct from each other, or from others previously observed.
In a study including emmer wheats (T. dicoccon) {00115}, new subunits named 7+ (in accessions MG5400/5 and MG30835/1), 8- (in accessions MG5400/5, MG30835/1, MG5333/1 and MG5507) and 13- (in accession MG5282/2) were found and provisionally assigned to Glu-B1. Until confirmed, they are not included in the Glu-B1 list.
Although alleles Glu-B1i enconding subunits 17+18, and Glu-B1bc encoding subunit 6+17, apparently share a common subunit (Ax17 and By17, respectively) it is not clear that this is in fact true.
Primers were designed to distinguish subunit By8 from By8*, for distinguishing subunit By9-containing alleles from non-By9 alleles, and for diagnosing the presence of Glu-B1f.

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