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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Grain Hardness/Endosperm Texture
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Symbol Wild Type ha
Symbol comment Hard phenotype
Germplasms i:Falcon/7*Heron, Heron/7*Falcon{03109}, i:Paha*2//Early Blackhull/5*Paha{0203,0298}, i:Early Blackhull Derivative/5*Nugaines{0203,0298}, s:CS*6/Cheyenne 5D{915}, s:CS*6/Hope 5D{777}, s:Capelle Desprez*7/Besostaya 5D{470}, v:Falcon{1452,470}, v:Holdfast{470}, v:Early Blackhull, Early Blackhull Derivative{0203,0298}, v:Cheyenne{03106}, v:Clark's Cream{0241}, ma:Ha was closely linked to Xmta9(Pui1)-5D{1414}
Comment Single factor effects on hardness were found for chromosomes 2A, 2D, 5B and 6D, and interactive effects were found for chromosomes 5A, 6D and 7A {1414}.
The addition of King II rye chromosome 5R converted Holdfast wheat from hard to soft {470}. A 14.5 kD rye analogue was also isolated from 6x triticales which have soft texture {470}. All ryes are thought to have soft texture.
Two genes for grain hardness were reported in {055}.
Hard and soft NILs are listed in {0298}.
QTL: In a DH population of Courtot/CS a major locus in chromosome 5DS coincided with Ha; minor QTLs mapped in chromosomes 1A (associated with Xfba92-1A) and 6D (associated with Xgwm55-6D) {0141}.
Ten QTLs for kernel hardness (54% of the variation) were mapped in 'Forno'/ 'Oberkulmer' spelt {0280}. Two QTLs were detected for grain hardness in RILs of the ITMI population (Synthetic / Opata 85) {10051}. The QTL on the short arm of chromosome 5D was associated with Xmta10-5D, and increased hardness was contributed by Opata {10051}. The locus located proximally on the long arm of 5D was associated with Xbcd450-5D and increased hardness was contributed by the Synthetic allele {10051}.
Two QTLs, QHa.ksu-3B, associated with Xksum9-3B (R2=0.09, and QHa.ksu-5D(Ha), associated with Xcfd-5D (R2=0.3), were identified in Karl*2/TA 4152-4 {10273}.

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