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Catalogue of Gene Symbols

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Gene Symbold
Class Level 1 Proteins
Level 2 Endosperm storage proteins
Level 3 Glutenins
Level 4 Glu-1
Symbol Wild Type Glu-R1
Allele Glu-R1aGlu-R1bGlu-R1cGlu-R1dGlu-R1eGlu-R1f Glu-R1g
Chromosomes 5.8r{03115}
Germplasms v:Arrayan hexaploid triticale{03115}
Comment There is a difficulty in the assignment of subunit 6r in the Glu-R1-1 and Glu-R1-2 lists, since it appears as an x-type subunit in allele Glu-R1c and as a y-type subunit in allele Glu-R1f. It is currently provisionally assigned to the Glu-R1-1 list since, based upon its relative electrophoretic mobility, it is considered more likely to be an x-type subunit. Some of the remaining designations should also be considered as provisional since they too are not free of ambiguity.

From study of chromosome substitutions in bread wheat {03117}, it was found that a chromosome 1R carrying HMW secalin subunit 6.5r (Glu-R1e), originally derived from the 'Petkus' rye population, was associated with bread making quality (i) intermediate between chromosome 1A carrying the null allele Glu-A1c and chromosome 1A carrying HMW glutenin subunit 2* encoded by Glu-A1b; (ii) equivalent to a chromosome carrying HMW glutenin subunit 7 encoded by Glu-B1a; and (iii) inferior to chromosomes 1D with distinct alleles.
Five new x-type subunits (plus the null allele) and four y-type subunits were reported in {10094}. They vary principally through duplications and deletions of the tri-, hexa- and nona-peptide motifs found in the central repetitive region of the subunits. Orthologous genes were found to be more closely related than paralogous genes, supporting the hypothesis that gene duplication occurred before Triticeae speciation {10095,10094}.

Related Reference
03115 : Amiour N, Bouguennec A, Marcoz C, Sourdille P, Bourgoin M, Khelifi D & Branlard G 2002
03117 : Amiour N, Jahier J, Tanquy AM, Chiron H & Branlard G 2002
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