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Hit Count : 12823
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Accession Clone Registered year Dir. Tissue Sequence Contig*1 Contig*2 Homology (BLAST)
Swiss-Prot nr
Top hit GO ID Term Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
CJ809995 whsct10a01 3' Root 137bp       ribosomal protein L30 [Triticum aestivum] 169 7.1038e-11
CJ809996 whsct10a02 3' Root 579bp       pollen allergen homolog [Triticum aestivum] 974 5.36957e-104
CJ809997 whsct10a03 3' Root 310bp       H0211A12.16 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 274 4.73715e-23
CJ809998 whsct10a04 3' Root 263bp            
CJ809999 whsct10a05 3' Root 353bp       hypothetical protein OsI_005219 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 257 4.51283e-21
CJ810000 whsct10a06 3' Root 393bp       unknown [Zea mays] 381 1.85521e-35
CJ810001 whsct10a07 3' Root 401bp       unknown [Zea mays] 213 5.73062e-16
CJ810002 whsct10a08 3' Root 339bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_022314 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 162 4.60847e-10
CJ810003 whsct10a09 3' Root 436bp       Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, cytosolic 424 1.92241e-40
CJ810004 whsct10a10 3' Root 430bp            
CJ810005 whsct10a11 3' Root 422bp       unknown [Zea mays] 417 1.27241e-39
CJ810006 whsct10a12 3' Root 370bp       beta-expansin TaEXPB3 [Triticum aestivum] 196 5.24107e-14
CJ810007 whsct10a13 3' Root 677bp       hypothetical protein OsI_018887 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 800 1.16198e-83
CJ810008 whsct10a14 3' Root 660bp       ATP synthase beta subunit [Triticum aestivum] 725 5.56256e-75
CJ810009 whsct10a15 3' Root 339bp       hypothetical protein OsI_029066 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 294 2.268e-25
CJ810010 whsct10a16 3' Root 374bp       hypothetical protein OsI_029950 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 109 0.000659046
CJ810011 whsct10a17 3' Root 347bp       hypothetical protein OsI_009416 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 195 7.03183e-14
CJ810012 whsct10a18 3' Root 354bp       Histone H2B.3 395 4.49195e-37
CJ810013 whsct10a21 3' Root 388bp            
CJ810014 whsct10a22 3' Root 381bp       similar to RIKEN cDNA 2810403A07, isoform CRA_a [Rattus norvegicus] 75 5.72833
CJ810015 whsct10a23 3' Root 400bp       Os07g0640100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 463 5.8755e-45
CJ810016 whsct10a24 3' Root 396bp            
CJ810017 whsct10b02 3' Root 596bp       unknown [Zea mays] 369 8.20146e-34
CJ810018 whsct10b04 3' Root 318bp       unknown [Zea mays] 316 6.56956e-28
CJ810019 whsct10b09 3' Root 322bp       unknown [Zea mays] 267 3.13482e-22
CJ810020 whsct10b10 3' Root 452bp       chloride channel 4 [Bos taurus] 75 5.71744
CJ810021 whsct10b11 3' Root 114bp       unknown [Picea sitchensis] 106 0.00146984
CJ810022 whsct10b12 3' Root 415bp       Os07g0291100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 376 7.08266e-35
CJ810023 whsct10b13 3' Root 668bp       hypothetical protein OsI_009493 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 603 7.84728e-61
CJ810024 whsct10b14 3' Root 694bp       hypothetical protein OsI_036141 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 675 3.85812e-69
CJ810025 whsct10b15 3' Root 370bp       hypothetical protein OsI_036960 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 362 2.95543e-33
CJ810026 whsct10b16 3' Root 340bp       Histone H2B.2 395 4.40579e-37
CJ810027 whsct10b17 3' Root 358bp       Histone H2A.2.1 252 1.70176e-20
CJ810028 whsct10b21 3' Root 405bp       putative DNA-binding protein [Nocardia farcinica IFM 10152] 86 0.30281
CJ810029 whsct10b22 3' Root 269bp       hypothetical protein OsI_008484 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 213 5.68585e-16
CJ810030 whsct10b23 3' Root 336bp       ferrochelatase [Hordeum vulgare] 351 5.59441e-32
CJ810031 whsct10b24 3' Root 419bp       phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase [Hordeum vulgare subsp. spontaneum] 396 3.36886e-37
CJ810032 whsct10c01 3' Root 408bp       S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase [Triticum turgidum] 421 4.32215e-40
CJ810033 whsct10c02 3' Root 393bp       S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase [Triticum turgidum] 367 7.79448e-34
CJ810034 whsct10c03 3' Root 379bp       hypothetical protein OsI_021120 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 380 2.46183e-35
CJ810035 whsct10c04 3' Root 393bp       PREDICTED: similar to adenomatosis polyposis coli [Mus musculus] 74 7.3634
CJ810036 whsct10c05 3' Root 384bp       Os07g0209000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 408 1.38917e-38
CJ810037 whsct10c07 3' Root 432bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_018862 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 191 2.02022e-13
CJ810038 whsct10c08 3' Root 418bp       unknown [Zea mays] 440 2.67415e-42
CJ810039 whsct10c09 3' Root 100bp            
CJ810040 whsct10c10 3' Root 291bp            
CJ810041 whsct10c11 3' Root 381bp            
CJ810042 whsct10c12 3' Root 413bp       hypothetical protein CX157 [Homo sapiens] 403 5.24044e-38
CJ810043 whsct10c13 3' Root 253bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_033272 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 100 0.00709062
CJ810044 whsct10c14 3' Root 265bp       unknown [Arabidopsis thaliana] 74 7.48651
CJ810045 whsct10c15 3' Root 710bp       OSIGBa0140A01.7 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 330 3.01183e-32
CJ810046 whsct10c16 3' Root 524bp       AGAP011036-PA [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST] 91 0.100203
CJ810047 whsct10c17 3' Root 388bp       unknown [Zea mays] 81 1.14512
CJ810048 whsct10c18 3' Root 417bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_014912 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 390 1.67887e-36
CJ810049 whsct10c19 3' Root 333bp            
CJ810050 whsct10c20 3' Root 353bp       unknown [Zea mays] 157 1.77874e-09
CJ810051 whsct10c21 3' Root 445bp       hypothetical protein OsI_007430 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 353 3.34949e-32
CJ810052 whsct10c23 3' Root 343bp       hypothetical protein [Entamoeba dispar SAW760] 78 2.51553
CJ810053 whsct10c24 3' Root 345bp       root peroxidase [Triticum aestivum] 140 1.67758e-07
CJ810054 whsct10d01 3' Root 381bp       60S ribosomal protein l28 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 393 7.65281e-37
CJ810055 whsct10d03 3' Root 395bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_034873 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 101 0.00542632
CJ810056 whsct10d04 3' Root 390bp       unknown [Zea mays] 152 6.64449e-09
CJ810057 whsct10d05 3' Root 404bp       olfactory receptor, family 51, subfamily V, member 1 (predicted) [Callicebus moloch] 77 3.36159
CJ810058 whsct10d06 3' Root 381bp       Os06g0701400 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 88 0.178071
CJ810059 whsct10d07 3' Root 439bp       BAR adaptor protein Hob1 [Schizosaccharomyces pombe] 96 0.020691
CJ810060 whsct10d08 3' Root 100bp            
CJ810061 whsct10d09 3' Root 358bp       unknown [Zea mays] 161 6.06668e-10
CJ810062 whsct10d10 3' Root 512bp       hypothetical protein OsI_032924 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 363 2.65273e-33
CJ810063 whsct10d12 3' Root 435bp       Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) 321 1.69516e-28
CJ810064 whsct10d13 3' Root 384bp       translation initiation factor 5A [Secale sylvestre] 388 2.8966e-36
CJ810065 whsct10d14 3' Root 401bp       hypothetical protein [Tetrahymena thermophila SB210] 82 0.888219
CJ810066 whsct10d15 3' Root 490bp       Os08g0398000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 465 3.43506e-45
CJ810067 whsct10d17 3' Root 365bp       plasma membrane intrinsic protein [Tamarix hispida] 132 1.38782e-06
CJ810068 whsct10d18 3' Root 401bp       unknown [Zea mays] 307 7.21571e-27
CJ810069 whsct10d19 3' Root 172bp            
CJ810070 whsct10d20 3' Root 373bp       hypothetical protein OsI_020617 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 168 9.49455e-11
CJ810071 whsct10d22 3' Root 430bp       Os06g0342200 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 326 4.49852e-29
CJ810072 whsct10d23 3' Root 354bp       annexin p33 [Zea mays] 229 7.9659e-18
CJ810073 whsct10d24 3' Root 395bp       ribosomal protein L10A [Triticum aestivum] 278 1.59266e-24
CJ810074 whsct10e01 3' Root 462bp       Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide Vc (Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5c) 304 1.56891e-26
CJ810075 whsct10e02 3' Root 493bp       unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] 727 1.46654e-75
CJ810076 whsct10e04 3' Root 399bp       Os01g0106800 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 152 9.57906e-13
CJ810077 whsct10e05 3' Root 528bp       Histone H2B.3 447 5.35913e-43
CJ810078 whsct10e06 3' Root 529bp       Histone H2B.3 447 5.35913e-43
CJ810079 whsct10e07 3' Root 222bp            
CJ810080 whsct10e08 3' Root 445bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_031593 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 196 5.37241e-14
CJ810081 whsct10e09 3' Root 585bp       pyruvate decarboxylase [Saccharum officinarum] 714 7.79513e-74
CJ810082 whsct10e10 3' Root 526bp       unknown [Zea mays] 547 1.35966e-54
CJ810083 whsct10e12 3' Root 396bp       NADH:flavin oxidoreductase/NADH oxidase [Rubrobacter xylanophilus DSM 9941] 74 7.5496
CJ810084 whsct10e13 3' Root 464bp       14-3-3 protein [Triticum aestivum] 374 1.19849e-34
CJ810085 whsct10e14 3' Root 432bp       putative mitochondrial carrier protein [Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare] 161 6.0827e-10
CJ810086 whsct10e15 3' Root 413bp       DNA repair and recombination protein,mitochondrial precursor [Leishmania infantum JPCM5] 78 2.54256
CJ810087 whsct10e17 3' Root 439bp       PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Rattus norvegicus] 118 5.81748e-05
CJ810088 whsct10e18 3' Root 284bp       hypothetical protein Rcas_0499 [Roseiflexus castenholzii DSM 13941] 73 9.57366
CJ810089 whsct10e19 3' Root 462bp       mitochondrial F1-ATPase gamma subunit [Ipomoea nil] 206 3.62534e-15
CJ810090 whsct10e20 3' Root 505bp       Os07g0603300 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 450 2.0782e-43
CJ810091 whsct10e21 3' Root 737bp       Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) 954 1.9277e-101
CJ810092 whsct10e22 3' Root 325bp       hypothetical protein OsJ_018796 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 354 2.5585e-32
CJ810093 whsct10e23 3' Root 203bp       hypothetical protein CHGG_04053 [Chaetomium globosum CBS 148.51] 73 9.72886
CJ810094 whsct10e24 3' Root 138bp