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*1 Contig derived from a single library   *2 Contig derived from multiple libraries
Hit Count : 11308
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Accession Clone Registered year Dir. Tissue Sequence Contig*1 Contig*2 Homology (BLAST)
Swiss-Prot nr
Top hit GO ID Term Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
CJ632008 whdp10a01 2003 5' Seed DPA20 377bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1894 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25403 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25403       S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase uORF [Saccharum officinarum] 172 3.25046e-11
CJ632009 whdp10a03 2003 5' Seed DPA20 623bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2335 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23447 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23447       small heat shock protein 16.9 kDa [Triticum aestivum] 651 1.84779e-66
CJ632010 whdp10a04 2003 5' Seed DPA20 251bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1502 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24525 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24525       unknown [Zea mays] 104 0.00243701
CJ632011 whdp10a05 2003 5' Seed DPA20 256bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1858 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14981 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14981       GJ16328 [Drosophila virilis] 77 3.39561
CJ632012 whdp10a06 2003 5' Seed DPA20 238bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1858 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14981 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14981       GJ16328 [Drosophila virilis] 74 7.43831
CJ632013 whdp10a09 2003 5' Seed DPA20 587bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1319 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6465 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6465       hypothetical protein UM05719.1 [Ustilago maydis 521] 90 0.179967
CJ632014 whdp10a10 2003 5' Seed DPA20 300bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1255 MUGEST2003_all.Contig12262 MUGEST2003_all.Contig12262       hypothetical protein [Vitis vinifera] 207 2.82433e-15
CJ632015 whdp10a13 2003 5' Seed DPA20 679bp whdp10a13 MUGEST2003_all.Contig13838 MUGEST2003_all.Contig13838       Os03g0387900 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 545 4.30665e-54
CJ632016 whdp10a14 2003 5' Seed DPA20 581bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2421 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24424 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24424       hypothetical protein OsI_010106 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 984 3.77575e-105
CJ632017 whdp10a16 2003 5' Seed DPA20 539bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig748 MUGEST2003_all.Contig12063 MUGEST2003_all.Contig12063       Os07g0549900 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 414 3.79311e-39
CJ632018 whdp10a17 2003 5' Seed DPA20 639bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig194 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6464 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6464       unknown [Zea mays] 135 1.31741e-06
CJ632019 whdp10a21 2003 5' Seed DPA20 589bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2363 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25364 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25364       cyclophilin A-1 [Triticum aestivum] 759 4.7667e-79
CJ632020 whdp10a22 2003 5' Seed DPA20 581bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1499 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23189 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23189       unknown [Zea mays] 335 6.80541e-30
CJ632021 whdp10a23 2003 5' Seed DPA20 449bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig26 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24301 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24301       hypothetical protein OsJ_023685 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 346 2.16182e-31
CJ632022 whdp10a24 2003 5' Seed DPA20 355bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2489 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25086 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25086       RecName: Full=Beta-amylase; AltName: Full=1,4-alpha-D-glucan maltohydrolase 569 2.9807e-57
CJ632023 whdp10b04 2003 5' Seed DPA20 274bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2431 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22957 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22957       Os01g0800200 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 95 0.0272042
CJ632024 whdp10b05 2003 5' Seed DPA20 608bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig504 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6463 MUGEST2003_all.Contig6463       Os09g0452700 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 402 1.29258e-37
CJ632025 whdp10b06 2003 5' Seed DPA20 492bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1802 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14430 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14430       Oxalate oxidase GF-2.8 precursor (Germin GF-2.8) 655 3.19283e-67
CJ632026 whdp10b07 2003 5' Seed DPA20 542bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2325 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25327 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25327       hypothetical protein [Vitis vinifera] 198 4.30274e-14
CJ632027 whdp10b08 2003 5' Seed DPA20 635bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2076 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22225 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22225       glyoxalase II [Brassica juncea] 1023 1.39628e-109
CJ632028 whdp10b09 2003 5' Seed DPA20 693bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2483 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24817 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24817       alpha-gliadin [Triticum aestivum] 151 2.20458e-08
CJ632029 whdp10b10 2003 5' Seed DPA20 600bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2170 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25148 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25148       Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) 1005 1.50561e-107
CJ632030 whdp10b11 2003 5' Seed DPA20 395bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig549 MUGEST2003_all.Contig18250 MUGEST2003_all.Contig18250       unknown [Zea mays] 316 6.36548e-28
CJ632031 whdp10b13 2003 5' Seed DPA20 506bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig605 MUGEST2003_all.Contig20126 MUGEST2003_all.Contig20126       hypothetical protein OsJ_006485 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 100 0.00817507
CJ632032 whdp10b14 2003 5' Seed DPA20 590bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2489 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25086 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25086       beta-amylase 1 [Hordeum vulgare] 942 2.8718e-100
CJ632033 whdp10b15 2003 5' Seed DPA20 442bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig838 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14428 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14428       Os04g0635500 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 359 6.56659e-33
CJ632034 whdp10b16 2003 5' Seed DPA20 630bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2448 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23489 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23489       Alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor CM3 precursor (Chloroform/methanol-soluble protein CM3) 766 8.7196e-80
CJ632035 whdp10b17 2003 5' Seed DPA20 629bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2488 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25042 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25042       Serpin-Z1A (TriaeZ1a) (WSZ1a) (WSZ1) (WSZCI) 776 5.96396e-81
CJ632036 whdp10b19 2003 5' Seed DPA20 645bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2324 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24436 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24436       unknown [Zea mays] 870 7.97886e-92
CJ632037 whdp10b20 2003 5' Seed DPA20 499bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2402 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25404 MUGEST2003_all.Contig25404       cyclophilin A-1 [Triticum aestivum] 377 5.77879e-35
CJ632038 whdp10b21 2003 5' Seed DPA20 609bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig929 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22431 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22431       Os04g0446300 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 717 3.89896e-74
CJ632039 whdp10b22 2003 5' Seed DPA20 615bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1878 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14964 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14964       alpha-gliadin storage protein 338 3.50156e-30
CJ632040 whdp10b23 2003 5' Seed DPA20 403bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1885 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23726 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23726       PREDICTED: similar to Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 53 [Danio rerio] 80 1.51507
CJ632041 whdp10b24 2003 5' Seed DPA20 609bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2471 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24499 MUGEST2003_all.Contig24499       alpha-gliadin [Aegilops tauschii] 216 4.77957e-16
CJ632042 whdp10c01 2003 5' Seed DPA20 526bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1893 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14961 MUGEST2003_all.Contig14961       Os08g0193900 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 338 2.33543e-30
CJ632043 whdp10c02 2003 5' Seed DPA20 580bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2386 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22840 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22840       unknown [Zea mays] 526 4.76989e-52
CJ632044 whdp10c03 2003 5' Seed DPA20 605bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2327 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23146 MUGEST2003_all.Contig23146       Os03g0313000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 693 2.30234e-71
CJ632045 whdp10c04 2003 5' Seed DPA20 616bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig2304 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22157 MUGEST2003_all.Contig22157       arachidonic acid-induced DEA1 [Capsicum chinense] 234 4.06844e-18
CJ632046 whdp10c05 2003 5' Seed DPA20 290bp Wh_DPA20_all.Contig1295