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Contig Detail

MUGEST2003_all.Contig24938  (registered. 2003)
Contig Information
Length 2209 bp
Clones 48 Clones [Download: TSV  ,  FASTA ]
Wh_EMI Dormant seed with water absorption after breaking 4
Wh_GCPCDAM Anther at meiosis of DT4B CS wheat 2
Wh_HGCPCDAM Anther at meiosis of MT4B CS wheat 3
Wh_KMP Shoot grown under continuous light 6
Wh_KMV Shoot grown with continuous light after cold treatment 10
Wh_MS Seed DPA5 of DT3DL CS wheat 4
Wh_OKCS Seed DPA5 4
Wh_RDr Root of dessiccated seed 3
Wh_SHC Shoot grown with cold treatment