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*1 Contig derived from a single library   *2 Contig derived from multiple libraries
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Accession Clone Registered year Dir. Tissue Sequence Contig*1 Contig*2 Homology (BLAST)
Swiss-Prot nr
Top hit GO ID Term Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
BJ287687 whsl10f23 2002 5' Seed DPA30 276bp Contig15754 Contig15754 O60437 P14907 P14907 P14907 P14907 GO:0005856 GO:0005634 GO:0005871 GO:0006810 GO:0007049 cytoskeleton ,  nucleus ,  kinesin complex ,  transport ,  cell cycle      
BJ292156 whsl26j15 2002 5' Seed DPA30 649bp Contig15754 Contig15754 P36417 P36417 P36417 GO:0003677 GO:0005634 GO:0006355 DNA binding ,  nucleus ,  regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent GA27418 [Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura] 73 0.0743345
BJ293986 rwhsl10f23 2002 3' Seed DPA30 257bp Contig15754 Contig15754 P14907 P14907 P14907 P14907 GO:0005634 GO:0005871 GO:0006810 GO:0007049 nucleus ,  kinesin complex ,  transport ,  cell cycle      
BJ298749 rwhsl26j15 2002 3' Seed DPA30 558bp Contig15754 Contig15754 P87073 P87073 P87073 P87073 GO:0005618 GO:0016021 GO:0016740 GO:0016757 cell wall ,  integral to membrane ,  transferase activity ,  transferase activity, transferring glycosyl groups PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Monodelphis domestica] 84 0.778499