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*1 Contig derived from a single library   *2 Contig derived from multiple libraries
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Accession Clone Registered year Dir. Tissue Sequence Contig*1 Contig*2 Homology (BLAST)
Swiss-Prot nr
Top hit GO ID Term Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
BJ208685 wh10f03 2002 5' Spike at meiosis 615bp Contig14456 Contig14456 P27807 GO:0005694 chromosome unknown [Zea mays] 757 9.08731e-79
BJ209579 wh14m11 2002 5' Spike at meiosis 184bp Contig14456 Contig14456 P33543 GO:0004872 receptor activity unknown [Zea mays] 165 2.13045e-10
BJ213904 wh24n12 2002 5' Spike at meiosis 571bp Contig14456 Contig14456 P59258 GO:0005694 chromosome unknown [Zea mays] 432 3.67162e-41
BJ215908 rwh10f03 2002 3' Spike at meiosis 645bp Contig14456 Contig14456 Q9P0L0 GO:0016021 integral to membrane unknown [Zea mays] 762 2.6623e-79
BJ217021 rwh14m11 2002 3' Spike at meiosis 586bp Contig14456 Contig14456 P59258 GO:0000786 nucleosome unknown [Zea mays] 567 8.78783e-57
BJ221390 rwh24n12 2002 3' Spike at meiosis 181bp Contig14456 Contig14456 P31691 GO:0016021 integral to membrane