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*1 Contig derived from a single library   *2 Contig derived from multiple libraries
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Accession Clone Registered year Dir. Tissue Sequence Contig*1 Contig*2 Homology (BLAST)
Swiss-Prot nr
Top hit GO ID Term Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
whpc_12088_i23r 2012 3' Anther at meiosis 737bp Contig4323       ribosomalproteinS7[Zeamays] 303 4.34208e-80
whxg_3025_g05f 2012 5' Seedling, infected with powdery mildew (AvrPm3b) 694bp Contig4323       PREDICTED:30SribosomalproteinS7,chloroplastic-like[Brachypodiumdistachyon] 279 4.49636e-73
whxg_3025_g05r 2012 3' Seedling, infected with powdery mildew (AvrPm3b) 754bp Contig4323       ribosomalproteinS7[Zeamays] 303 4.58331e-80
whxh_36032_b07r 2012 3' Seedling, infected with powdery mildew (AvrPm3b) 605bp Contig4323       ribosomalproteinS7[Zeamays] 303 2.73296e-80
HX019899 whxk_16016_a03f 2012 5' Shoots, two-week old seedlings treated with 150-mM NaCl for 6h (22℃ 16L-8D) 340bp Contig4323       PREDICTED:30SribosomalproteinS7,chloroplastic-like[Brachypodiumdistachyon] 211 8.49597e-53
HX055006 whxn_34062_d15r 2012 3' Leaves, plant was grown at constant 23℃ 614bp Contig4323       ribosomalproteinS7[Zeamays] 237 1.52696e-75
HX068841 whxn_25068_n19f 2012 5' Leaves, plant was grown at constant 23℃ 554bp Contig4323       ribosomalproteinS7[Zeamays] 303 2.14141e-80