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As effective of October 1st, 2019, we will revise the fees of handing and shipping of the materials distributed from NBRP-Wheat, Japan. This is partly due to change in rate of consumption tax and also to handling costs.

The new fees will be applied for the requests made after 00:00 of October 1st, 2019 (Japan Standard Time) or 15:00 of September 30th, 2019 (GMT). The new fees are as follows (the current fees are indicated in the parentheses);

(1) Fee per Request
Domestic Academic 950JPY (900JPY)
Nonacademic 1,900JPY (1,800JPY)
Oversea Academic 7,000JPY (5,200JPY)
Nonacademic 14,000JPY (10,400JPY)

(2) Fee per Accession
Domestic Academic 320JPY (110JPY)
Nonacademic 640JPY (220JPY)
Oversea Academic 290JPY (110PY)
Nonacademic 580JPY (220JPY)

The fee is a sum of (1) Fee per Request and (2) Fee per Accession. We calculate the total fee as follows;
(Total fee) = (Fee per Request) + (Fee per Accession) X (Number of requested accessions) [The total fee is to be rounded up to the nearest 100 JPY]

We ask our users for generous understanding and are hoping to meet the users requests by distributing the genetic stocks.

Thank you.