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Tables of Fees

Table of Fees: Seed Materials

The fee is a sum of (1) Fee per Request and (2) Fee per Accession. We calculate the total fee as follows;

(Total fee) = (Fee per Request) + (Fee per Accession) X (Number of requested accessions)

[The total fee is to be rounded up to the nearest 100 JPY]

(1) Fee per Request
Fee per Request
Weight Fee
Overseas Constant 7,000 JPY
(14,000 JPY)
iincluding taxj

(2) Fee per Accession (multiplied by number of accessions requested)
  Fee per Accession
Overseas 290 JPY
(580 JPY)
iincluding taxj
  1. The amounts indicated in parentheses will be applied for distribution of seeds to non-Academic institutions.
  2. The academic institutions are Universities, Colleges, and Government-funded Institutes. We have right to judge whether your institute is Academic or non-Academic.
  3. The bank transfer is the only method of payment. We ask the users to pay for all the transfer commissions.