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Blast against the Norin61 genome
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A blast server against the de novo assembled Norin 61 wheat genome is now available.
The Illumina shotgun sequences were de novo assembled by DeNovoMagic (NRGene).

The pre-publication data are being made available under the Toronto Agreement and that grants the wheat 10+ genome project and the Norin 61 genome project the right to publish the first global analyses of the data.
This includes descriptions of whole chromosome or genome-level analyses of genes, gene families, repetitive elements, and comparisons with other wheat accessions and other organisms.

The blast server is set to have the following limitations;
  1. Registration is required through the URL: https://forms.gle/yd5jY2ZfA1ji8gry6
  2. Only the first 2000 letters in query will be used.
  3. Only eight queries per search is accepted.

Those who are interested, please register at https://forms.gle/yd5jY2ZfA1ji8gry6
After two to three working days, we will inform the PW.

We acknowledge the Kawamoto lab at NIG, Japan, the information center of the National BioResource Project (NBRP), for their generous construction of the blast server and also for maintenance of the server.

If you have any question, please contact to the PI of NBRP-Wheat Shuhei Nasuda ().

<<the Norin 61 wheat genome sequencing team>>
Kentaro Shimizu (Yokohama City University, University of Zurich)
Jun Sese (AIST, Humanome Lab)
Hiroyuki Tsuji (Yokohama City University)
Kanako Kawaura (Yokohama City University)
Hirokazu Handa (NARO, currently Kyoto Prefectural University)
Curtis PozniakiUniversity of Saskatchewanj
Nils Stein (Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research)
Shuhei NasudaiKyoto Universityj